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I bought my first weimaraner early after I become 18 years. And as you can expect I totaly fall in love with this breed. So they are already by my side for long 13 years. From the first begining I imported foreign blood to add a new flash to czech genpole. I was happy enough to import true weimarner legend - Sireva Drake. Weimaraner never wasn't sucesful shows dogs in Czech Republic but Drake brake all through. In 2006 he even become the Top Dog of All breeds!
Many of his offsprings and grandoffsprings is following his footsteps. In my breeding I will build on his blood as he truly change the breed to better. I still search for the best stud dogs or importing bitches even if it should be from the end of the world. But well what is wrong to wants to have the best of the best?
Our weimaraners are not living in kennels, they have their own dog room /with sofas, cups, TV/ and entry to their own part of garden for 24 hours a day.
Photos of our facilities will follow. Puppies in are kennel are planed many months in forward and their future new owners are carefuly selected. Small weimaraners are born in our living room and has 24 hours/day care for another 2 weeks of their lifes. Then they have their play puppy room and if the weather is nice also outdoor puppy playground. Our weimaraner puppies are usued to all noises in houseld, got basic show and hunting trainign. Then it's just on new owners if he will go in this steps with his little star.
If you wants to have puppy from the most sucesful kennel in Czech Republic then you are on good address! Waiting for your questions.


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